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In light of the pandemic, many fashion designers have been forced to pivot and rethink their businesses. And yet, some are emerging more robust and relevant than ever. Two New York-based brands have been resilient by avoiding the trends of 2021 and instead focusing on what they’ve always done: creating well-made, thoughtful clothes that inspire and uplift, while putting portability at the forefront. . Having founded their businesses on principles that have helped them through a difficult year – timeless, adaptable, high-quality pieces, made to last – they are not only durable, but inspire us to look to the future.

Here, Peter Do and Marina Moscone tell us in their own words what drives their business today and tomorrow.

Pierre Do

Peter Do moved to New York City from his native Vietnam ten years ago, creating his eponymous collective brand in partnership with four co-founders in 2018, with modern tailoring and supple sophistication at its heart. Do’s intention was to create a brand that values ​​the often overlooked behind-the-scenes work of the talented tailors and dressmakers at the heart of New York’s fashion industry. In response to a recent wave of anti-Asian racism, the brand has actively supported the #EnoughIsEnough campaign led by Asian-American business owners to support underserved communities.

“We create clothes by living there. Peter Do is founded on tailoring, which is why certain traditional values ​​of structure, fit and integrity of each garment remain important to us. But we also recognize the importance of adaptability. How can the garment be worn in different ways to adapt to a woman’s daily life? When I was growing up in Vietnam, I only had a handful of clothes, which were made and worn for specific occasions. I never even owned a jacket because it was hot all year round. Everything you wore had to be light and open in order to do what you needed to do. We take this model and refine it with our own codes.

Peter Do F / W 2021

“The woman we dress hasn’t changed. She still holds the same values ​​when it comes to her wardrobe – she dresses for her own pleasure, buys things that are considered and that last forever. Our tailoring is selling very well because I think people always want a sense of normalcy when working from home. At the start of the pandemic, we introduced knitwear and footwear into our e-commerce offering. Our customers want to be comfortable, but at the same time, they want pieces that they can play with that are beautiful.

“From the start we have always done what we think is right. Which means taking care of the team above all else. The brand received industry support, but we also saw the importance of building our own channels by developing an e-commerce site and social media platform early on. We wanted to have our own voice, which is paying off. We’ve also spent a lot of time finding the right workshops and suppliers here in New York – it’s much more efficient to work with them in person.

“New York is chaotic, but it produces the most resilient types of people. We live in a global economy, but I think there is a benefit to investing in the communities around you. When New York City closed at the start of the pandemic, we found creative ways to engage and support our communities, from our downtown workshops to various small businesses and charities. New York is my home. It allowed me to be myself and it’s a city that embraces change. He defines it. – Peter Do

New York brands Peter Do

Marina moscone

Marina Moscone launched her eponymous brand in 2016, with her sister and business partner, Francesca. The formulation of understated elegance that touches both day wear and evening wear has earned the brand widespread recognition and admiration among women who appreciate high and easy luxury pieces. Born in Vancouver to a South African mother and Italian father, the sisters spent summers in Abruzzo – an influence that would emerge in the brand’s fabrics and art years later. Today, their business follows a pre-collection model combined with the creation of special custom items, thus reversing the demanding shift in the fashion calendar.

“I think women are now looking for fewer but better quality pieces. They don’t just shop, they collect, looking for thoughtful designs that have a purpose, no filler. When I design, I ask myself, “Do each of these looks have an intention? During the pandemic, I didn’t travel every other day, and Francesca and I really looked at what we wanted to do in the future. I felt exhausted and uninspired by a constant desire for excess. Consumerism is more and more constant.

New York brands Marina Moscone

Marina Moscone P / F 2021

“For the first time in years, I had time to think clearly and realized that I wanted to work on artfully thought out and beautifully designed pieces that take time to evolve. I don’t want to design for the sake of designing. We have a large personalized clientele, and it seems to me that women are adding more and more bespoke and quality pieces to their wardrobes. I think there is a sense of hope and optimism attached to shopping for a post-Covid 19 world.

“I spent the entire pandemic in New York. Watching women navigate how to continue living in a pandemic has motivated me to keep making clothes, whether it’s bias cut briefs or an oversized t-shirt. The pieces are always made to the highest standard of luxury. I want women to look at what I’m doing and say, “This will work in my life. More importantly, I always want my pieces to remain open to interpretation, open to anything a woman does – be it working at home, painting, dining, traveling, dancing.

“Personally, I like to wear evening outfits more casually: a tuxedo jacket with my Nike Air Force 1s or a shirt over loose pants. We have our own online store, so we have the data, and we’ve seen people keep buying smart-cut pieces – because the clothes aren’t seasonal and because they’re meant to be collected and made to last. .

New York brands Marina Moscone

Marina Moscone P / F 2021

“Ours is a New York brand, but I grew up multicultural. I’ve always seen myself as Italian-South African and I think that’s why I feel like I have a global perspective, even though I’m rooted here in New York. Being “stuck” in New York last year was an amazing way to fall in love with the city again.

“I think there are many advantages to being nimble and somewhat nimble – pandemic or no pandemic. We are a family business and we have built this amazing and committed team. We want to be progressive and know that sometimes evolution comes from uncomfortable change. We are open to it. – Marina Moscone


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