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For most a form of self-expression, and for others a sense of comfort, fashion is a universal visual language. On one of fashion’s biggest nights, the world comes together for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Gala, also known as the Met Gala. Being the equivalent of the Oscars in the fashion world, the purpose of this themed evening is to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute. Showing displays of art and creativity, celebrities and A-List influencers are invited by Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. Then, guests are mentored by world-class fashion designers, in which they share their vision of what they would like to wear, based on the theme of the year. One of the most famous red carpets of the year is streamed live and shown for all to see, but no cameras are allowed on the gala, leaving many wondering what’s going on at inside.

The interior of the gala itself usually remains a mystery, but with the world of technology, videos and photos have taken over, making secrecy rare. What we do know is that after the red carpet, guests enter the museum and see live performances, often from artists attending that gala. Over the years artists like Frank Ocean, Rihanna, Madonna and countless others have performed.

Each year, a theme is chosen to represent the gala. But how is the theme of the annual event chosen? Andrew Bolton, the mastermind behind the unique and alluring themes, explains in a Vogue interview. Bolton is the chief curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and therefore the one who devotes time and effort to formulating a meaningful theme for celebrities and designers to take inspiration from. Trying to come up with a theme, Bolton explains that he and his team of 32 “[try] work on a topic that seems timely and defines a cultural change that is happening or about to happen. Once a theme is chosen, which takes about a year, it has to be approved by a high-level group of people. First of all, it goes through the director and the president of the Met, positions occupied respectively by Max Hollien and Daniel H. Weiss. After approving this theme, the final and most important person must approve: the face of Vogue, Anna Wintour.

Over the years, the themes have been meaningful, creative and complex. Previous themes include “Camp”, “Fashion in the Age of Technology”, and “Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”.

The Met Gala has been held on the first Monday in May every year since 1948, but COVID-19 has caused the annual gala to be postponed. As a result, Vogue has decided to make up for the last Met Gala by organizing two, one on September 13, 2021, and another to be held on its usual day, the first Monday in May 2022. The themes that were chosen because these two galas are linked. The first theme is “In America: A Fashion Lexicon”, while the second theme will be “In America: A Fashion Anthology”.

Want to go to the Met Gala? Okay, it will only cost you $30,000 per ticket to attend and $275,000 for a table.


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