The French DS feels its weight in the luxury segment


The French DS feels its weight in the luxury segment

Representing French luxury in the automotive industry, the distinguished brand DS has opened its fifth showroom in Turkey in Antalya. Koluman World Motorlu Araclar Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Åž., a subsidiary of Koluman Holding in Turkey. After the two showrooms in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, the 500 square meter 2-storey showroom in the luxury district of Antalya Lara has been equipped with the most advanced technology without sacrificing high-level luxury.

The brand, which started serving the Mediterranean region under the name “DS Automobiles Antalya”, will continue to invest in Turkey in 2022 in various cities. In line with the brand’s “luxury” strategy, in its fifth showroom opened in Antalya Lara; While the DS-7 is presented to the public, the DS 2022 and DS 9, which present an elegant, powerful and sophisticated line, will also take their place in the model range, with the hybrid version, from January 4.

ErciÅŸ “2022 will be the year of DS”

Koluman Monde Motor Vehicles Inc.’s vice chairman of the board, AltuÄŸ ErciÅŸ, said that they had not experienced the supply problem related to the chip crisis as much as other brands during this period. period, while the effects of the pandemic period are still being felt. , “We provide DS models at a price close to the number of vehicles we want. Despite availability issues and fluctuating exchange rates, we are continuing our investments with the Antalya showroom. Antalya and the Mediterranean region are an area with great potential to favor luxury cars. With our new showroom, we will reach more sales units than last year at the end of the year. One of the three growing brands in Europe in the luxury segment, DS will also rise in Turkey, and 3 will be the years of DS with our new models. DS will achieve double the number of sales next year compared to this year ”.

30 years and over preferably

Adding that the DS brand is mostly preferred in Istanbul, Erciş said: “DS models are a brand that appeals to both women and men over the age of 30-35. Representing luxury at the best and highest level, DS is developing rapidly in our country and is establishing itself as a serious player in the premium segment. The brand awareness has reached the highest level in Turkey and is highly recommended by our customers. One of the main reasons for this is that we are one of the brands with the highest price-performance ratio in our segment with our models in addition to the luxury line.


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