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The United States has exerted an outsized influence on popular culture since the turn of the 20th century through motion pictures and the creation of musical genres such as jazz and rock and roll. When it comes to older cultural forms, such as literature and cuisine, America’s impact has been less profound. This has also been the case with fashion, although the American style has found more favor around the world. They are America’s most popular fashion influencers.

America doesn’t have the tradition of the design houses of France or Italy, nor is it known for the political provocation of the UK’s fashion trendsetters or the experimental adventure Japanese artists. However, American designers are carving out a niche in casual and active wear that is uniquely American and appealing to markets beyond the country.

To recognize America’s place in the fashion world, 24/7 Tempo has compiled a list of the 20 most successful American fashion brands. The list is based on longevity, name recognition, metrics involving Placed company foot traffic, store number, revenue, and other measures of success. All revenue figures are for the specific brand, not the parent company, unless otherwise stated.

What distinguishes the most successful American fashion brands is longevity, practicality, ease of wear and the ability to appeal to many people.

Brooks Brothers, known for its classic men’s suits and Levi’s, maker of jeans, are two brands on the list whose origins date back to the 19th century. The Gap, and its other brands Old Navy and Banana Republic, has built an enduring reputation with easy-to-wear casual lines. Donna Karan made high-end women’s fashion accessible. Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren and Nike all project a distinctly American image. Hilfiger, Karan and Lauren are among the most influential American designers of all time – and they are the most popular fashion designers in history.

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