Shanice Taylor launches a fashion business


The founder and chief fashion designer of her eponymous fashion company, Shanice Taylor, officially launched her brand internationally.

The work of the local designer reached new heights in 2021, after the international sensation of Barbadian origin Rihanna was wearing one of her pieces and it immediately went viral around the world on social media.

During Thursday’s brief media launch, Taylor and his branding team at G&A Communications Inc, revealed the new logo for his newly formed design company, and also showcased a sleek new website where customers can check out Taylor’s current collections, as well as previews of future work.

CEO and Chief Brand Strategist at G&A Communications Inc., Devin Griffith, spoke about the collaboration process.

“Transmutable Innovation ©, G&A’s unique process methodology has been leveraged to design the Shanice
Taylor brand.

“So it was important for us to get to know Ms. Taylor and understand her motivations and what makes her tick – before we even put a pencil on paper, we had long discussions with her to understand her unique story.” , did he declare.

Griffith added, “The key to a brand’s success is authenticity and purpose, so it was imperative for us to establish the Shanice brand column. “

Thinking back to when her play went viral after Rihanna’s her best friend, Melissa Forde, gifted the pop star a crochet piece designed by Taylor, which led her to appear in Vogue Magazine, she
thanked for the support she has received so far in her new business and expressed her enthusiasm for what is to come.

“It’s a historic movement in my life, I’m grateful every moment. The pandemic has been very vicious for all of us, but it was a bit generous for me as I had the chance to meet Melissa and share
one of my pieces with Rihanna, so it was a big time for me.

“Launching the brand today is a dream come true, due to the potential for opportunities it will create. Several people and organizations have joined me to help me in today’s opportunities and I want to thank you all.

When asked what is in store for her and the new brand immediately, Taylor and her team announced an upcoming collection for the winter season, which potential buyers can search for on her new website, (SB)

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