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Robyn Brown has done what she can to help support her polygamous family. Here’s what we know about Kody’s fourth wife, and clearly the most favorite.

Robyn Brown should have known what she was getting herself into when she married Kody Brown from Sister Wives. In addition to becoming Kody’s fourth wife, she was also raised in a polygamous family. Still, she seemed surprised that the Browns don’t have an ideal family life, but one filled with jealousy, competition, and a husband who cares most about his own happiness. As she struggles to keep the family together emotionally, she has also tried to contribute financially, although it has not been easy.

The Browns’ financial struggles have been a running theme of the show for many seasons now. They even had to declare bankruptcy. The biggest problem seems to be that Kody makes the main decisions, like when and where to move, but he doesn’t work to bring money to the family. This leaves the women to work to meet its expenses, which does not appear to be an efficient system, especially when frequent family moves and the television filming schedule make it difficult to maintain a job.

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Born October 9 1978, Robyn is 42 years old, almost 10 years younger than Kody. She has an Instagram account (@robyn_browns_nest) but hasn’t posted for several years. She is more active on Twitter @LuvgvsUwngs. She uses it to talk more about her feelings about each episode of Sister Wives and to make excuses for Kody’s bad behavior, saying the show is editing him badly. Robyn takes a lot of hate online. Some viewers blame her for the family’s troubles since she’s the new wife and clearly Kody’s favorite, although it’s not her fault, but Kody’s for playing favorites with his wives.

Robyn opened her own online business selling clothing and jewelry that she designed. She called her store My Sisterwife’s Closet. It was only opened briefly before closing in 2019. Although the company’s website still exists, visitors are greeted with a pop-up message explaining: “We will be back soon! We are busy updating the store for you. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed. “With that same message still appearing two years later, it looks like the business isn’t actually coming back. Christine, who was part of LuLaRoe MLM, tried to sell some of Robyn’s remaining jewelry during one of its auctions. videos online Robyn feels the pressure to have more children, which would also complicate entrepreneurial efforts.

On his My Sisterwife’s Closet website, Robyn explained that growing up in a polygamous family the term sister wife was a sacred word, but strangers saw it as something with negative connotations. Robyn’s desire through her closed jewelry business and Sister Wives was to show people the beauty of this heavenly relationship. Sadly, all viewers saw on the show is that when four people try to share a husband, none of them are happy forever.

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Source: Instagram / Robyn Brown, Twitter / Robyn Brown

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