Psychological Impacts of Fashion Marketing on Teenage Consumers


Teens are extremely self-conscious about their appearance and are often fixated on details that adults don’t consider important. They don’t dress the same as we do. The self-awareness of some adolescents engenders the horror of drawing too much attention to themselves. As a result, they go for the “not very dressy” look. Others like to receive all the attention they get and will wear just about anything to get it.

The clothes we choose reflect our mood and our style. They, in a way, also reflect a person’s overall confidence. A person’s level of confidence greatly affects how others perceive and respond to them.

According to research, the choice of dressing for teens varies with the majority dressing to deflect or avoid humiliation and teasing from their friends. Most of them assume that if they dress inappropriately, their peers won’t want to interact or socialize with them. So, they choose to shop and ask for advice on how to dress well for events such as birthdays.

The dress style of most teens is influenced by the people with whom they surround themselves. Most teens feel they need to fit in. The majority of them reproduce the fashion around them to feel worthy and precious. Teens use fashion to foster friendships and boost their self-esteem.

Body image is a problem that affects many teenage girls. Magazines, as well as the media, have an impact on a girl’s physical appearance. For example, when teenage girls see a slim model on a magazine cover, they will do whatever it takes to look that way. Thus, this leads to several changes in a teenager’s fashion style as well as unhealthy approaches like bad eating habits.

In addition, the Internet has an impact on the body image of a teenager.

Teens always idolize the celebrities they adore. They draw their fashion inspiration from it. When a celebrity dresses in an outfit she adores, she will go for the same outfit and show it off to her peers.

Additionally, teens watch various reality shows to keep up with the dress style of their idols. They discover themselves through external stimuli.

In conclusion, adolescents are often aware of their appearance. Most of them are obsessed with details that are not that important. The majority of teens dress in a way that draws attention to themselves. They fear losing their friends if they don’t dress appropriately and fit in. Hence, they do whatever it takes to get all the attention that comes with dressing inappropriately. However, most of them are unaware of the impact of teenage fashion on their life.


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