Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ product was made by a sustainable fashion company


Lorde took inspiration from nature and climate change when writing her third studio album, “Solar Power”.

Instead, Lorde worked with an environmentally conscious fashion company to create her ‘Solar Power’ shirts and sweatshirts. To learn more about Lorde’s sustainable “Solar Energy” products, Green business recently met Carolina Crespo, co-founder and CEO of Everybody.World, the company that produced Lorde’s “trashy” clothing.

Lorde’s “Solar Power” merchandise is made from sustainable, recycled cotton.

“For ‘Solar Power’ Lorde wanted ethical and environmentally friendly products and was particularly interested in our Trash collection to provide fans with non-sexist pieces responsibly made from 100% recycled cotton,” Crespo said. Green business exclusively by e-mail.

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“The music merchandising industry can be very old fashioned, but Lorde can’t! Crespo continues. “We are delighted to be working with an artist who understands that the future of merch is green, ethical and enjoyable and who is able to bring her ideas to life. “

Source: Everybody.World

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Everybody.World’s Trash Collection includes cotton jersey and fleece garments made from 100% US-grown cotton manufacturing waste (including cotton fibers, soil, and even small pieces of cotton) . The company recovers and recycles all these materials into new cotton yarns, then into fabrics, without any synthetic or chemical additives.

Garments are dyed after being sewn to help reduce dye waste. Everybody.World manufactures all of the Trash Collection pieces in Los Angeles (reducing the shipping footprint – for US customers, at least), and they are fully biodegradable, with the exception of the label.

“It’s a whole new way to approach sustainability in clothing and the whole process takes place in North America, starting with the farms where the cotton is grown,” Crespo adds.

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Lorde’s online store has T-shirts ($ 45 USD), long sleeve shirts ($ 55), and hoodies ($ 125 to $ 145) as part of the Trash collection. Additionally, Lorde sells accessories including bucket hats, reusable water bottles, cloth bags, lighters and ashtrays, but she has not shared the origin of these items.

“I know the prices for these clothes are a bit higher than what you’re used to for my products,” Lorde wrote in a message to her fans, posted on her website’s product pages for each of her everything. the world. Pieces from the World Trash collection. “Your clothing is a little better for the planet than most ‘new’ products, and that’s why you’re paying extra. Greenhouse. Thank you for your understanding!”

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Lorde does not sell ‘Solar Power’ CDs.

If you want to listen to “Solar Power” – and you should, it’s an amazing album – you’ll either have to download it digitally or purchase a collectible record (although a few fans have posted TikToks complaining that their “Solar Power” does. vinyl arrived melted and therefore unplayable).

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Instead of selling CDs, Lorde sells “Solar Power” music boxes. “I decided very early in the process of creating this album that I also wanted to create an environmentally friendly and forward-thinking alternative to the CD,” she wrote on her website. It is a plastic-free, CD-sized box that contains “lots of additional visual content, handwritten notes, exclusive photos and a download card” for the album.

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With streaming and digital downloads having taken over the industry, Lorde is potentially recording a lot of CDs that her die-hard fans may have bought and ultimately sent to landfill. After all, CDs are sort of the new tapes – they’re mostly decorative at this point.


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