Looking for a loan for difficult cases?

If you are looking for a loan for difficult cases, you should contact a private loan broker. They usually have good contacts with various domestic or foreign lenders and can also help people who otherwise would have no chance. Before a loan broker is commissioned, it would be very important to pay attention to its seriousness and, if possible, to obtain several offers. Under no circumstances should a credit intermediary charge fees before acting for the customer. This would be a sure sign that he is dubious.

Credit Requirements – What Are Difficult Cases?

Credit Requirements - What Are Difficult Cases?

People who have positive Credit Bureau information and a sufficiently high income will have no problem getting an installment loan from a German bank or savings bank. A foreign lender requires a regular income and does not provide Credit Bureau information. If you do not meet any of these requirements, you will usually experience a rejection when you apply for a loan.

Difficult cases include all the facts that make lending impossible. This applies to a low or completely missing income as well as to negative Credit Bureau entries of all kinds. The situation is particularly difficult if there are dunning or enforcement notices, the affidavit has been given or an insolvency procedure is pending.

Borrowing – yes or no?

Borrowing - yes or no?

In principle, anyone who does not meet the credit requirements should critically question whether they can really afford to take out a loan for difficult cases. If the payment of the monthly loan installments cannot be guaranteed, the financial situation will temporarily improve after the loan payment, but will rather deteriorate in the medium and long term. In the worst case, those who make financial commitments without guaranteeing that they can fulfill them can even be held responsible for fraud.

This applies above all after the swearing in of an oath or in an ongoing bankruptcy procedure. If you have pending Credit Bureau entries and are currently earning a good income, you may benefit from a loan for difficult cases. It would be ideal if the loan amount was so high that it could not only serve to satisfy current consumer wishes, but also to settle old debts.