Justin Bieber is the master of fashion marketing


While pop sensation Justin Bieber recently announced that there would be no new music to follow on his shattering album 2015, Goal, on the horizon, he’s working on another mysterious new project: Drew House.

This is a unisex clothing line, mostly adhering to a beige-brown or mustard yellow color scheme, with the word “Drew” replacing the original mouth of the iconic’s smiley face. “Drew”, “The House of Drew” and “La Maison Drew” would have been deposited over a year ago, and while Bieber caused a sensation with its $ 4.99 Drew House hotel slippers released in January, there’s no purchasable collection released by the brand yet (the website just directs users to a sign-up form).

Still, that hasn’t stopped Bieber from launching a one-man marketing extravaganza for House of Drew, and Bieber clearly understands his audience. While the fashion brand’s Instagram followers stand at just under 400,000 (miserable compared to Bieber’s 109 million), the singer has shown his prowess when it comes to teasing what lies ahead on his own account – while not revealing anything at all … and we mean, nothing.

There were beige and very vague sketches without captions:

Cartoons of himself and his new wife, Hailey (including an update The Simpsons resemblance):

Fan art:

Misguided promotions masquerading as tributes (or vice versa) featuring Diddy and his late wife, KP:

But above all, influencers. Justin Bieber certainly understands that if you can get your brand worn by the fashion elite, the masses will soon follow… and it’s important to use your network. He began by posting, à la Yeezy, a paparazzi photo of his wife Hailey Bieber wearing the monochrome designs of House of Drew.

And a seemingly candid image of Hailey on a Drew House channel:

Until Coachella this year. He teased her presence at the event and her reunion with her old friend Kendall Jenner, on Instagram several days in advance, to post only one photo on her festival newsfeed: Jenner and Bieber née Baldwin in bandanas House of Drew assorted.

Everything is great and makes it clear that a first drop is near – especially given the quick follow-up message from (presumably) the brand packaging. There’s nothing that can create a hype like uncertainty and celebrity approval, and Justin Bieber has proven himself to be the master at facilitating both – even if that means we still have almost none. concept as to the what, when, how, why and where elements of his clothing.

Yet no one understands millennial marketing like the millennials themselves, eh?

Justin Bieber knows fashion marketing


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