How will fashion marketing evolve after covid19?


Fashion marketing is all about reaching your target audience and making them aware of the product like the celebrity style, which can connect to their feelings and ultimately lead them to buy the product. The marketer should perform a detailed analysis of the competition in terms of their marketing, advertising and branding efforts for their products and services, then develop the marketing strategies and ensure that your product or service reaches the target audience of unique and engaging way.

Fashion marketing is seen to change after covid19 in several ways, like the way brands used to convince their audience needs to be changed. The way fashion marketers worked before covid19 will change after covid19. Brands may need to switch to a variety of new platforms to reach their audience.

The growing fashion industry will undergo drastic transformations due to the occurrence of covid19. The changing mindset of clients should be kept in mind when developing strategies. Most people understand what are all the essentials of life that are required due to which they turn to goal oriented actions and sustainable lifestyle. The customer will prefer to shop online, expecting discounts and gifts from brands, quality services on their doorstep, and even prefer to buy from marketplaces (due to a wide range of products available in one seen as celebrity closet).

Since then, the primary audience today is considered to be active online browsing of the Internet, seeing thousands of new products every day. Thus, the online platform is the only way to reach the public during covid19, which will continue even after the crisis. Brands must develop their online presence either by creating their website or by collaborating with marketplaces to present their products. In addition, they should also be active on social media platforms where they can quickly identify their target audience. People are avoiding crowded places right now, which will continue even for the next few months; It is therefore essential that brands engage with their audience to maintain brand liquidity. Innovative strategies can help marketers become newer ahead of customer attention and a platform to showcase your products in exciting ways.

Strategies commonly used by fashion marketers that will continue after covid19

Reach the public in the comfort of staying at home

Many brands have started providing essential products to people through online platforms at their doorstep. They gave the best of their service to the door with safety being the top priority. Fashion marketers have created user-friendly platforms to connect with audiences and build huge brand awareness. Thanks to this, marketers have increased the number of their social media followers and new inbound users. Marketers can opt to launch their seasonal collections like the ‘Summer 2020 Collection’, which has been delayed due to covid19 online either on their website and social media platforms, or in collaboration with anyone else. what a market. It will even continue to post covid19 as people are going to be afraid of social gatherings even after that.

Online shopping has already started showing an increase in sales even in the fashion industry. Shopping from the comfort of home and relaxing on the couch with new messages and notifications in the feed has shown a marked increase in sales, especially in comfy and cozy outfits at home like t shirts. -shirts. Marketers can promote more profitable products online, rather than expensive products.

To fascinate the public at home

According to Statista, the average time spent by a person online browsing the internet and social media platforms per capita has drastically reached 155 minutes by 2021. The hard times of covid19 have helped marketers reach more people, creating more followers on their social media profiles. Marketers also actively engage with their audience by creating engaging and fun content like a design and creativity related contest. Such content can help marketers grab the attention of many new users just by browsing their news feed. Marketers have even developed strategies to start selling online on their social media, start focusing on loyal customers through customer relationship management systems like phones, emails, as well as discounts and offers.

Video marketing can be used for fashion marketing because it is considered more engaging. Video content captures a larger number of people and also helps people identify themselves and directly demonstrate the product. It is said to be an important part of search engine optimization and drive more conversions.

Connect to the feelings of the public

Marketers also connected with their audience by sharing tips and strategies to follow during covid19. They gave protective gear like masks and disinfectants to their residents, showing them off on social media. Many fashion brands like Fabindia, Fable Street, Manish Tripathi, Anita Dongre, Shivan and Narres and Nitya Bajaj have started making masks which they even promote on their social media profiles.

Attract the attention of a large audience

Marketers have created many hashtags that have floated on Instagram, where people have shown their creativity and created new trends. Some of these hashtag trends are #HomeCouture, #pillowchallenge, #stayhomestaychic, #passthebrush, #abovekeyboarddressing.

Each hashtag has seen its unique approach to clothing. Like #homecouture, was started by Serventini and his friends who are recent graduates of Central Saint Martins, where they used materials and objects lying around their homes to recreate the looks from the big brands’ catwalks that aren’t so wearable otherwise.

The #passthebrush challenge has seen many versions of it, and people have had their take on it. Some put on a t-shirt, others just pretended to pull or virtually push each other while passing the brush or the t-shirt or the dress.

#abovekeyboarddressing has been used by Koovs online shopping platform aimed at working from home professionals to promote their casual wear section.

Marketers have also created platforms to hold virtual fashion weeks for their brands to promote their products. They can present their fashion launch to a large audience at the same time. Rather than publishing fashion weeks, marketers can take huge advantage of these tough times for their brands through virtual events. Likewise, important conferences and events can also be organized online to help fashion marketers. Marketers can even encourage freelancers to attend such events, which can even be a cost effective option.

Create a positive environment

Marketers continue to share positive thoughts about life, continuity, hope and destiny, as well as their product or service on social media platforms. Many icons of the brand have engaged with their followers on their social media profiles going live to answer questions and clear up any doubts in their minds. The fashion icons have also held zoom conferences where they address people and help them continue to gain knowledge through their interactive sessions. Brands have even hosted virtual parties on their Facebook and Instagram to take the stress out of their minds. It will even continue to post covid19, where people love to interact with the brands they follow.

As a result, continuous innovation is underway in marketing due to covid19. New strategies need to be developed and implemented to maintain a great online presence. Online presence is the only way for fashion brands to reach their target audience, build brand awareness and ultimately drive conversions.


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