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Redefining market segments may seem like a daunting task, but Gurkha has risen to the challenge by keeping its cohesive cigars and rare tobaccos as a top priority. What other manufacturers cannot do is claim Gurkha’s consistent taste and build quality. This consistency has earned them a loyal following of serious cigar smokers, an essential part for those willing to pay a few dollars more than their regular premium. What they are selling is an exclusive experience, when you see a bunch of Gurkha on a cigar you know the smoker is serious. Many of their cigar rings even come with genuine 24k gold inlay and embossing. Is it excessive luxury? Maybe, but Gurkha’s growth continues.

Gurkha has no plans to sell anytime soon according to Kaizer, but they will expand. Several new product launches are underway later this year, including yet to be determined brand names based on blends created for high-end cigar aficionados. Three separate factories support the Gurkha name where Kaizer can keep an eye on quality, consistency and construction; from the supply of tobacco in the fields, to the final packaging carried out in Miami.

Gurkha cigars became famous thanks to the cigar boom in the 1990s, particularly as “Ultra Premium”, and later known for their role in Bill clintonof the White House. More recent Google research reveals that celebrities also want to be seen with the world’s most elite brand and enjoy the smoke too. You will see the likes of Michael jordan and Alex rodriguez as Gurkha customers. It doesn’t matter who you are; diplomats, statesman, kings, CEOs of the biggest companies in the world, all have to wait when the Gurkhas are in command. Sometimes waiting up to two years, it’s always worth the wait when the product is released. Armand Assante, loves the product so much that he even had Kaizad Hansotia make a special mix just for him. Also Jackie chan, a big fan of Gurkha, has his mixture specially imported every month.

When chatting with Gurkha enthusiasts, it is easy to understand Gurkha’s leadership position by stopping by at the ultra premium cigar lounge “Smoke on the Water” in Weston, Florida. Asked about Gurkha, Brian thompson has been smoking them for three years after seeing the ‘Black Dragon’ mark in the Robb Report. “You smoke a Gurkha when you are looking for a guaranteed positive experience and know your tobacco,” he breathed “Evil”. “Yes, it has become a status symbol to be seen smoking the name Gurkha, but that’s not why I smoke them; I love knowing that I can have a luxury that many cannot.” The Gurkha brand has a long history in exclusive trade. Native India as British settlers opened up trade routes, the name carries on the tradition of rarities from distant lands.

With the recent increases in federal taxes on cigars and the decline of the economy by United States, many premium cigar brands are suffering as prices drop, but not for Gurkha. With such growth over the past few years, Kaizer’s biggest issue has been uptime. Focusing specifically on limited and exclusive cigar tobacco batches, Gurkha’s reputation grew out of a long history of premium cigars. It has also led retailers and consumers to place them at the top of a new category: ultra-premium luxury tobacco. Gurkha has this market completely impressed with their $ 20,000 boxes of ‘HMR’ to their special edition collector’s item that demands more $ 150,000 for a box of cigars. There is nothing more exclusive when someone wants to make a statement and has a Gurkha in hand.

“I hear from customers at least once a week through calls and our Facebook account when they are looking for a brand that their local retailer doesn’t have. All I can say is that we are working on it, be patient and keep asking your tobacconist for Gurkha. What we’re not going to do is change who we are and what we stand for, ”Kaizer said.“ When you buy a Gurkha, you know you are investing in a luxury experience. ”Now, this is something that no one in the premium cigar segment can claim.

About Gurkha:

Gurkha Cigars is one of the most famous luxury cigar brands in the world. Gurkha is known for its limited release products and rare tobacco products and the line is available at cigar retailers around the world. With its extraordinary quality and premium tobacco blends, Gurkha’s cigar brands include the Great Reserve, Elegance and Shaggy. Founded in 1989 and based in Miami, Florida the Gurkha brand is 100% owned by the Beach Cigar Group Inc, a private company and headed by the president, Kaizad (Kaizer) Hansotie.

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