When Kings Auto, a company of K2 Group India, launched its new showroom for premium cars in New Delhi last year, they invited popular artist B Praak to do the honors. At that time, the pioneers of buying and selling used luxury cars in India made it clear that they wanted to expand to the rest of the country as well. Since then, K2 Group India partners Mohit Bansal, Nitin Bansal and Shubham Bansal have consistently taken important steps on their way to become the leading used luxury car sellers in the country. At the same time, the company has also branched out into unique areas like its latest business, “Dear Pet,” an e-commerce brand selling the latest pet products.

Let’s start with what they do with modern, well-designed luxury cars in the premium segment! The company not only provides potential buyers with relevant information about the vehicle’s finance policy and plan, but also guarantees a 100% satisfaction rate through its unique 21-step quality control process. This way the customer gets their money’s worth, but there are no complaints about used cars after the sale. They sell the latest beauties in the luxury market like Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes Benz GLS, Mini Cooper Countryman and BMW.

They operate through a personalized delivery experience and special tracking services, with over 10,000 customers connected to Kings Auto. Once the pandemic hit the world as well as India, K2 Group India decided to launch Dear Pet as part of a heartwarming attempt to ensure that enough attention is drawn to the speechless animals. They were as affected by what was going on around them as their owners.

Professional-entrepreneur-cousins ​​Mohit and Nitin Bansal, who run the business of this pet service, wanted to do something to take care of the pets after Nitin’s pet dog died due to complications. health. The unfortunate incident made Nitin realize that it was very important to take care of the family’s animals with the help of the right products and services. The service also helps the animals cope with issues such as loneliness, which was a threat to poor animals, especially adoptees. As the owners did not have the relevant information, even they could not ask anyone for help.

Taking India’s growing passion for luxury to new heights, their vision is to “be extra because minimal is boring!” Kings Auto is set to create a full-fledged ecosystem for car enthusiasts who want access to premium automotive service. Speaking in more detail about their mission, Mohit & Shubham state, “We aim to provide luxury car owners with the convenience they need. Luxury isn’t just about owning a great car, it’s about getting the right kind of assistance, when and where it’s needed.

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