Five key fashion marketing trends in 2022


How today’s most important campaigns leverage technology, talent and more to shape the perception and possibilities of fashion communication

By Mark Wittmer

While the fashion communications landscape is ever-changing, the changes and new opportunities in fashion marketing over the past few years have been particularly tectonic. Even before the pandemic sent everyone rushing to digital communications, seeds of novelty were being sown: a growing influx of Gen-Z into the luxury retail space, growing demand for environmental awareness and of social responsibility, a pivot away from rigid seasonal releases and towards a world of content that happens more regularly, the rise of TikTok.

This platform and value dynamism presents fertile ground for fashion marketing creatives – if you know where to look. The pace and volume of today’s media means that a campaign that doesn’t connect is quickly forgotten, a wasted investment. But even those that create an immediate impact can suffer the same fate.

So the smartest campaigns have both strength and endurance, immediacy and longevity: they combine the perfectly produced visual surface with focused thinking about how to stay at the cutting edge of consumer awareness, to extend the life cycle of its image and idea.

So while these campaign trends may seem like exactly that – on-trend, fleeting, here today and gone tomorrow – they actually showcase the kind of creative and strategic thinking that will shape fashion communication for many seasons to come. These five key trends respond to both cultural buzz and current communication channels – leveraging the momentum already there to create meaningful creative experiences and drive sales – and open the door to what’s to come.


JW Anderson Fall 2022 Campaign

As the post-pandemic fashion world may return to live shows and in-person events, the lessons learned from its need for strictly digital content creation will forever shape fashion communication.

As well as providing exciting, future-proofing creative opportunities, introducing an interactive digital element – ​​video games, virtual exhibits, augmented reality – into a campaign offers a way to extend the lifespan and reach of already existing physical content, letting it live and draw more weight in the digital realm.

This season of advertising campaigns saw brands blending digital and physical realities to create unique hybrid aesthetics and experiences, such as Gentle Monster’s campaign with Jennie of Blackpink which featured an accompanying video game, JW’s meta-campaign Anderson or the Balenciaga campaign that transformed its show into a retro infographic.

Gen Z celebrity

Gen Z is the place to be: Zoomers will make up 40% of the luxury fashion market by 2035, and their penchant for influencing contemporary style and reviving the old (often via TikTok) is shaping a much of what fashion houses offer today. .

Calvin Klein Spring 2022 with Blackpink’s Jennie

A relatively easy and guaranteed way to appeal to a younger clientele is to bring in talent who connects with that crowd.

The media of the moment are of course Euphoriaand we’ve seen Valentino, Prada, Calvin Klein and many more work with its young A-list talents, tapping into both their acting skills and their beloved personalities IRL (or at least as seen via social media).

Spring 2022 coach with TikTok stars Parker Kit Hall, Elsa Majimbo, Wisdom Kaye and Noah Beck

We’ve also seen campaigns with TikTok influencers themselves, as well as music streaming stars – a clever leveraging of already existing and highly influential platforms.

Gucci x North Face spring 2022 with TikTok star Francis Bourgeois
Celine spring 2022 with musician Gus Dapperton

What’s in a genre?

Young people in particular recognize that rigid gender boundaries feel like an antiquated social relic of the past.

While many campaigns showcase women’s and men’s collections together, it’s even more exciting to see design and style that transcends traditional gender boundaries, pushing forward to find creative expression that exists beyond beyond or between the distinctions of feminine and masculine.

Jacquemus Spring 2022

The integration of this thinking into advertising and editorial not only reflects a recognition of the inevitable push toward social freedom, but it also liberates creative freedom. The future is genderless – who will show us how beautiful that future can be and how will they do it?

Situationist Spring 2022
Ludovic de Saint Sernin Spring 2022

Simplicity Studio

In a world of images dominated by both physical and digital clutter, the simple has a startling power to cut through all the noise. Simplicity is a luxury. When an endless stream of content is just a thumbs-scroll or a turn of the head, the simultaneous immediacy and timelessness of a great studio portrait offers a powerful invitation to slow down and take time to spend. one of today’s most valuable resources. : Warning.

Saint Laurent may own the simple aesthetic of the black-and-white studio portrait thanks to creative director Anthony Vaccarello’s work with photographer David Sims – a testament to the strength of the brand’s image – but that hasn’t stopped a number of other brands try their hand at the proven approach and get solid results.

Saint Laurent Spring 2022

Several other elements are important when it comes to the reach and impact of this type of campaign: a strong style, strong talents and a creative world that extends far beyond the imagery of the campaign itself. -same. These first two elements seem self-evident; it is the third which is the most essential and the most difficult. Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen have a legendary record and a current commitment to excellence in show and film production. Saint Laurent has also mastered repetition, which is an essential element for the success of the approach; they release a campaign like this every season, and it’s instantly recognizable. A sleek and simple studio campaign is an eye-catching tip of the iceberg that can draw viewers into a developing, interconnected world of creativity and content.

Multicultural utopia

More and more consumers demand that brands and what they create – whether it’s clothing or advertising campaigns – not only look good, but reflect a commitment to positive action. It takes courage and imagination to create a better future.

Kick Spring 2022

One of the most important, uplifting, and culturally relevant aesthetics we have seen reborn in recent years is Afrofuturism: a forward-looking world of creative possibilities that takes into account the roots of Black and African Diaspora culture and imagines a positive future for these communities. .

The Spring 2022 campaigns saw smart thinking along these lines that broadened its sense of inclusion and community while bringing it closer to our contemporary moment. From Daily Paper’s celebration of young black revolutionaries and Botter’s synthesis of Afro-Caribbean style and French sophistication, to Gucci’s all-inclusive Love Parade party, these campaigns have inspired hope for new change and we recalled the beauty of acceptance in diversity.


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