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“Marketing is what makes it easier for the customer to say YES, and to buy a product. “

In the Fashion Space, Marketing aims to eliminate the need to sell, that is to say that the product will be sold through Marketing and no longer through the seller. But for that, the brand needs a good marketing strategy. How to get the best marketing strategy? Thanks to your customers.

What makes a customer say YES and buy?

Each customer acts differently when purchasing a product. But it is possible to indicate the reasons for purchasing a product.

For the majority, the need is the origin of a purchase, but not always. Indeed it is true that a well marketed product can be sold to anyone: to people with a need or a desire but also to people who do not have the need or the desire for the product. Therefore, marketing can create the idea of ​​need or desire in someone’s mind, the prospect is drawn to the product through good marketing strategies, and very often the prospect becomes a buyer.

In addition, the values ​​of the Brand / Company may be at the origin of the purchase. Many brands or companies, regardless of the field, advertise and communicate their values, this strategy helps them gain more customers. Communication about its values ​​can bring new customers and is also a way to retain them. If the customer shares the brand’s values, being loyal to that brand is a way for people to stand up for what is important to them. (SMK, Yves Rocher…)
Just like with values, good product quality is a way to get customers to buy and retain customer mind / brand awareness. This is called high brand equity. It’s true that a lot of people are willing to buy a more expensive product if the quality is there.
People who follow a trend are also more likely to buy various products repeatedly.

A need is not always required to buy, indeed, people also buy a product in order to facilitate their daily life, to make it more comfortable.

How to market and communicate?

These are many ways to communicate about a product or a company’s brand; all of these means have advantages and disadvantages, advantages and disadvantages.
To start, you need to define your target audience which includes the people to whom you will sell your products. This is called market segmentation. Then the brand must be positioned in the market: the image of the product and the place where the product or service fits best in the market. Indeed, effective positioning puts you on the front line in the minds of potential customers.

After these two steps, you know who you want to sell to and you develop an image of your product with your prospect. The target audience always needs to be informed, persuaded and reminded. To do this, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC), which is a strategic business process, can be used. IMC also plays a role in the process of developing brand identity and equity.

Fashion Marketing

SMK is a talented and promising young fashion brand from a French designer based in Seoul, South Korea. The brand’s clothing is widely sold offline and online. Today, after a few years of activity, the Brand is ready to take the next step: to develop a local market in South Korea, while working extensively on the world of brand development.

As said above there are several ways to communicate about a product, this is also the case in the Fashion Space. It can be difficult for a young Brand to communicate effectively, due to its low recognition in the field at the start of its activity or due to high expenses.

SMK is a young brand with strong values; communicating about its values ​​could be a way to raise awareness among the target audience and gain more recognition in Fashion Area. Working in collaboration with other designers on a collection can be an effective way to increase awareness among consumers. Work with influential bloggers; influential bloggers are indirect communicators and a rather inexpensive way to communicate about your brand; and that can be of great help as more and more fashion lovers follow fashion bloggers.

Communication through the media, Fashion Magazine, Specialized Magazine, radio, television, internet… Although some of these media can be very expensive or ineffective in the field of Fashion such as radio.
When it comes to South Korea, celebrities and movies or dramas are a very well known and effective way to market a brand.
The Pop up Store is an effective marketing strategy in the Fashion Space, because you can communicate about your Brand and sell it over a defined period of time.

Another way to market your brand is to be recognized, the brand logo on clothing could help. Fashion costumers are “visual people”, seeing a logo can help to be remembered, and it’s an easy way to be recognized.
CRES E DIM is a Korean brand, the clothes are atypical and have something that makes people easily recognize the brand.

Adopting a cause can be a way to help a good cause, to raise awareness of its target audience and to communicate about its brand and values. SMK is well aware of this since, for its Spring / Summer 2015 Collection, SMK has initiated a partnership with the Jennifair TOGO 3D association; 5% of the profit from this fundraising will be donated to this association to help adolescents to follow a better education, to receive better health care…
Another unique marketing idea for a clothing line is to organize a Flash Mob fashion show. After you have selected a location where you are likely to reach your target audience on a large scale, create models that walk around showing off your clothes for a short period of time. This unexpected act will get people excited and talk about your brand and your clothing line. So you should have a mobile friendly website for people who want to research your business locally.

Indeed, marketing is important, but being visible is even more important.

When a customer hears about a product, a brand or a company, if the marketing has been done well: arouse curiosity, raise awareness… Then there is a good chance that the prospect / target customer will try to learn more and therefore is very likely to search for it on the Internet.
Therefore, a good marketing strategy needs good visibility from its source. For example, although it could become easier in the near future thanks to all the articles and interviews carried out on the brand, at the moment it is not easy to find the SMK site on the internet. It’s a shame, the internet is accessible to everyone, at any time, a target customer risks forgetting the brand if it is difficult to find information on it. In fashion the here timing is important.

Before marketing and communicating about your product / brand, a lot of things must be done, essential steps must be taken for the marketing and communication to reach the target audience and be effective.




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