Fashion company brings Latinx, Mexican designers to Nordstrom


The founders of “My Pipl” source and curate pieces for their traveling collection of pop-up shops, across San Diego and the country.

SAN DIEGO — A group of San Diego women are working to bring Mexican, South American and Latino designers to customers in the United States and beyond, setting up pop-up boutiques in some of your favorite stores.

Once a month at a Nordstrom store in San Diego, you’re likely to catch Linda Waisboard and her contagious behavior.

Waisboard, and its partners Diva Lomas and Catherine Bachelier, are the founders of the My pop-up Pipl shop. Using their style savvy and influence over a combined million social media followers, they showcase and sell bags, shoes, jewelry and more. The designs come from Mexican and Latin American designers and brands to people they might not have reached otherwise.

“I think it’s important for people to understand that other countries are doing fabulous, fantastic things that really compete around the world,” Waisboard said. “I think that’s so important in so many ways. First of all, these Latin American brands are getting the exposure they need to really grow and get out of their own country, which is very hard to do. “

One of their brands is Mezcalero. Federico Navarro, commercial director of the brand’s parent company, said working with My Pipl was a no-brainer.

“We understand that they know the market, they know the fashion, they know the product and they support this type of product,” Navarro said. He added that Mezcalero has been a brand of the company for years in Mexico. Now they are looking to diversify.

Another designer, Esmeralda Espinoza Zamora, creates high-end jewelry. She tells us that her designs have taken off in beach communities like Cancun, Tulum and even Miami, showing her that there’s a market for what she makes.

In Spanish, she told us that her partnership with My Pipl has proven to be an “incredible” opportunity for her company to penetrate deeper into the US market.

And while that may sound fun and entertaining, it’s serious business for the designers and founders of the pop-up.

“Fashion makes you feel a certain way. It’s art,” says Waisboard. “It’s art on your body and you decide what you want to say every day.”

My Pipl will have its pop-up stores six more times this year. The next one will be at the Nordstrom store in Fashion Valley from June 9-12.

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