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Blowhammer, a Neapolitan fashion company that describes itself as a “digital native”, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd, aiming to raise $2.14 million (€2 million). The round will also include a major investment from ALIcrowd, the first venture capital ELTIF that also uses crowdfunding to source companies targeted for investment, established by Azimut Investments SA and managed under delegation by Azimut Libera Impresa SGR SpA.

The amount will be used to finance the research and growth of omnichannel distribution, the marketing area and internationalization objectives, the development of the platform and technology, and finally the expansion of the catalog and human resources. .

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Blowhammer was founded in 2013

Blowhammer is a clothing brand founded in 2013 in the province of Naples thanks to Salvatore Sinigaglia. Since 2016, produces t-shirts, Bermuda shorts and sweatshirts with in-house just-in-time production and an integrated printing service. In 2017, production increased from 50 pieces per day to 400, thanks to the internalization of the sewing department, the opening to foreign markets – France, Germany, Spain – and the launch of an Amazon Store. The catalog is then expanded by adding joggers, swimwear and outerwear in 2019. In 2021, the brand activates international partnerships with players such as Facebook and TikTok.

“Blowhammer is a project that my team and I believed in from its conception,” said Salvatore Sinigaglia. “When the brand was born, we were very clear about what we wanted: to create a 100% made in Italy product, far from the logic of trend approval, but one that was of quality and above all eco-sustainable. We set ourselves inspired by streetwear culture, an expression of freedom and rebellion. It all started with a few questions: is it possible that in a time like ours, with great technological progress and great sensitivity to environmental issues, there is still scraps and unsold items in the warehouses? Why settle for mediocre quality clothes, which would have to be thrown away after only two months and, what is more, without the possibility of giving them a new life? Is it possible to wear a brand that tells our vision of the world and expresses our identity? We found the answer in Blowhammer, which we intend to develop further with this crowdfunding campaign: we firmly believe that ‘there are people who believe in our project as much as we who saw it emerge and evolve.

“Italy has a long tradition in the world of fashion thanks to great talents universally recognized, Blowhammer had the intuition to bring innovation and attention to the environment in this sector. We wish the whole team a successful campaign,” said Dario Giudici, CEO of Mamacrowd.

Competitive advantages and business model

The brand can boast of 60k Italian customers, 70k international customers, and a total turnover of +10 Mln for 2020, with a validated revenue model and a positive EBITDA, to which is added a first margin internal production of 72%. Data that testifies to growth, but also to the ability to react to market developments efficiently and quickly, as happened during the most acute phases of the health emergency, with an increase of +44% on 2020 turnover, compared to – 28.9% decrease in the Italian market and -20.1% in the European fashion market.

The goals that the brand intends to achieve through crowdfunding include reducing production from 48/72 hours to 24 hours, reducing CO2 emissions and water consumption by 50%, opening 13 flagship stores products on the territory and the extension of its range of products with women and men. the total look of children.

The distribution is direct to the consumer, directly from the producer to the consumer, therefore without intermediaries and unnecessary steps. Production is just in time, a real sustainable revolution: each order is produced in 48/72 hours, thus avoiding stocks, unsold products and reducing CO2 emissions to the minimum necessary, i.e. 30% less each year. Blowhammer’s focus on research and development and its growth can be seen in the production model, which starts from a base of ten garments that can be diversified through prints and applications, reaching up to +3000 products in store, without risk of out of stock.

The Blowhammer team takes care of every stage of garment production, starting with a careful study of the print design. The latter is strictly Hi-Res, made up of colors that remain vivid and bright over time and are resistant to wear and washing. In addition, each print, the result of the work of experienced designers who are inspired by urban art as well as the digital world, without being tied to fashions but remaining faithful to their DNA, is printed on high quality fabrics with a soft and breathable fabric. feel and excellent fit.


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