Cipher Volt, a Crypto Fashion Marketing Firm, Offers NFTs to Blockchain Enthusiasts with Royalties


Cipher Volt offers cryptocurrency enthusiasts a way to “portray crypto through fashion”, as well as innovative yield NFTs.

Cipher Volt’s model offers altcoin projects a fast and efficient way to deliver branded products to their community. It’s like free marketing for all participating crypto projects.

As Bitcoin hit all-time highs earlier this year, everyone suddenly started talking about cryptocurrency. Then, when an NFT sold for over $ 60 million last month, NFTs (“non-fungible tokens”) entered the public consciousness, seemingly overnight. A new company, Cipher Volt, is building on these exciting developments, offering cryptocurrency enthusiasts a way to “portray crypto through fashion.”

Cipher Volt produces crypto-branded products and will soon offer corresponding NFTs for certain models. More than a “collector’s item” with bragging rights and dreams of future price appreciation, Cipher Volt NFTs offer royalties to the holder.

As market knowledge and demand drive the value of cryptocurrencies, the founders of Cipher Volt, who describe themselves as “blockchain bull believers with a background in fashion and marketing,” launched the company to promote the adoption of crypto. The company’s designs will initially launch on t-shirts, although more products are still in the works. Wearable products such as t-shirts make it easy for crypto enthusiasts to “represent” their favorite projects in everyday life.

“When crypto investors discover a game-changing blockchain project, they often feel like shouting it from the rooftops,” said the founder of Cipher Volt. Beyond sharing a great opportunity with others, token holders have additional motivation to spread the word: As the number of investors increases, the chances of a token price skyrocket. also increase.

“Our products provide a benefit to crypto projects and all of its investors, by spreading the word and increasing brand recognition. It’s a win-win, ”said the founder. “What’s easier than wearing a trendy tee to start the conversation?” ”

Cipher Volt’s website displays its first t-shirt, “Buy, Panic, Hodl, Retire,” currently available in three variations: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Centric. The “o” in “Hodl” on each design is replaced with an image of the corresponding crypto logo. The company already has “dozens of models” and aims to release “about one per month”.

Most of Cipher Volt’s designs are created by independent designers. The company offers designers a ten percent royalty on products showcasing their design. Cipher Volt manages the royalty program through the NFTs. Designers can choose to own the NFT for their design and retain their right to the royalties; or they can auction it off, thereby transferring the royalty rights to the new owner. Cipher Volt pays royalties every six months, deposited in the wallet containing the NFT. The first Volt NFT encryption is for the Centric variation of the “Buy, Panic, Hodl, Remove” design — the best seller in the business.

“We are passionate about the growing awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency,” said the founder. “Our model gives altcoin projects a fast and efficient way to deliver branded products to their community.”

The partnership with Cipher Volt also improves token discoverability, as crypto fans visit the company’s marketplace and follow the brand on social media.

“It’s like free marketing for all participating crypto projects,” said the founder. “Projects wishing to collect royalties on their branded products are free to bid for NFTs. “

Cipher Volt offers free shipping on their shirts and accepts domestic and international orders through the company’s online store. Those interested in bidding on NFTs can visit for details. Cryptocurrency projects interested in including their brand in future designs should email Cipher Volt.

About Cipher Volt

Cipher Volt allows cryptocurrency enthusiasts and projects to “represent crypto through fashion”. Each Cipher Volt product and design is meticulously chosen. Cipher Volt’s initial products are soft cotton, true to size, unisex style t-shirts. Additional products including hoodies, coffee mugs and more will follow later this year. New models drop pretty much every month. Cipher Volt offers paid NFTs for certain models.

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