Boxed Sourcing: How 2 Entrepreneurs Are Using Fashion And Marketing To Help Small Businesses In Philadelphia


PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – From the fashion industry to corporate marketing, two entrepreneurs from the Fishtown section of town are helping small businesses in fun ways.

Meghann Bezdikian and Brigette Fuscia are the founders of Boxed supply. The goal of their business is to provide an organized assortment of promotional merchandise to meet the needs of their customers in Philadelphia and beyond.

Fuscia says just because you need a pen doesn’t mean it has to be a regular pen.

“Working with Meghann, I knew we had a great synergy together,” said Fuscia. “Meghann also has a background as a Creative Director, and I’m more of a product and a marketer, so it was a good mix for both of us.”

Fuscia says the company she worked for ended up shutting down its East Coast site when she started freelancing six years ago. Until the idea of ​​Boxed Sourcing came to fruition.

“Each project is different, each client is different and brings our fashion experience to the industry … we were excited to bring a new take on everything and see what we could do to impact the industry, ”Bezdikian said.

The duo have over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and have helped over 100 small businesses in Philadelphia alone.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, their efforts have even helped businesses in the region.

“Coming from the fashion world, we know what it’s like to be under stressful time constraints and production deadlines that have to be fast,” said Fuscia. “This type of situation, which was new to all of us, really required this type of quick thinking.”

Bezdikian added, “Everyone was still trying to figure out how to get their name and we thought promotional products were a great way to do it. We have worked with our customers and factories to deliver products directly to their customers. “

Their creative ideas were very beneficial at virtual and remote working events, according to Bezdikian, where clients sought to generate engagement, interest and branding for the company.

When it comes to Women’s History Month, the duo say they’re thrilled to operate in a space that hasn’t had a very diverse history.

“Promotional products are an industry that has been around for a long time, but it’s dominated by men,” Fuscia said. “We find that in Philadelphia in particular, most of the entrepreneurs we work with today are women-owned businesses.”

Bezdikian says they’re just excited to be a part of empowering women in Philadelphia.

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