Asian American Fashion Community Unites for #StopAsianHate


In recent weeks, heartbreaking incidents of hate crimes against Asian American seniors across the country have escalated. In New York City alone, hate crimes against Asian communities have increased 1,900%, according to NYPD data, and the fashion community is speaking out. The #StopAsianHate movement emerged thanks to prominent Asian-American designers, editors, entrepreneurs and influencers, who use their platforms to eliminate cruelty to those with a similar heritage.

Prominent figures also share their personal experiences with racism, in order to raise awareness of the deeply rooted problem. Over the past few days, there has been a wave of social media posts dedicated to #StopAsianHate from many industry insiders. Pace Editor-in-chief Michelle Lee posted a series of videos on Instagram detailing how she was bullied in college and the lack of action by any responsible. “From a young age, I learned that my voice didn’t matter,” says Lee, noting the number of Asian-American cultures that don’t vocalize similar events.

U Beauty founder Tina Craig shared a video with a caption describing the ways she has faced racism over the years, such as the micro-assaults of childhood friends or the questioning at customs in the airport, and the misrepresentation of Asians in popular culture. “The Asian American experience is complex and cannot be explained in a single post,” says Craig.

Resources were also posted by Aya Kanai, head of content and creator partnerships at Pinterest, alongside an image of her parents in a vintage Issey Miyake editorial.

Some of the most poignant statements have come from the designers behind some of the industry’s biggest fashion brands. Phillip Lim said viral crimes shouldn’t be the only ones discussed, citing that the majority have plagued Asian-American communities for years.

Laura Kim of Oscar de la Renta (alongside her partner Fernando Garcia) urged the public to speak out and raise awareness. Prabal Gurung has also spoken consistently, posting numerous resources and advocating for an anti-racism rally to be held in Washington Square Park this weekend. “To build a fair world, we have to be actively anti-racist,” the creator said in an article, calling for a commitment to equality.

Internationally, major fashion influencers have taken a stand against Asian-American violence. Susie Lau posted on IGTV, explaining how silence against racism encourages more crime. Chriselle Lim has revealed how her mother can no longer take daily walks around the neighborhood for fear of being assaulted. Instagram’s Eva Chen shared photos with her grandmother, calling on all communities to condemn racism. Other social media stars like Tina Leung, Ezra William and Bryanboy also took to their feeds to cry out for the movement, while a graphic featuring statistics on the issue and information on resources and community groups was reposted by designers, including Bibhu. Mohapatra and Kimora Lee Simmons.

Many of these insiders are also featured in a now-viral video, in which they call on the public to unite and end unnecessary cruelty to Asian communities. You can watch the clip and discover more resources below.

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