Across the Pacific: Made in China meets American fashion vogue


Chen Fengjie, chief designer of Shishi Guuka E-commerce Co., Ltd. checks the details of a sweater sample of the new series of clothing models in collaboration with Coca-Cola, in Quanzhou, southeast China’s Fujian Province, December 14, 2021. [Xinhua]

FUZHOU, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) – Retro baseball t-shirts, aviator jackets and loose-fitting hoodies await visitors entering a design workshop in Quanzhou, east China’s Fujian Province. .

However, there is something distinctive about these classic American-style clothes – they feature exquisite embroidery of Chinese cultural patterns.

As Chinese middle-class consumers multiply and mature in taste, more and more local manufacturers have now transcended imitating Western brands to become pioneers in the Chinese consumer market.

“Young Chinese consumers today are excited about ‘Made in China’ products, which has created opportunities for domestic designer brands,” said Hong Jiyun, director of retail operations at Shishi Guuka E- Trade Co., Ltd. in Fujian.

Earlier this year, Guuka released a new series of clothing models in collaboration with Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola’s iconic red and white logo is inscribed on jackets and hoodies through traditional Chinese hand embroidery, showcasing an innovative fusion of Chinese cultural elements and international intellectual property.

“National brands that combine international trends with traditional Chinese culture and history are well received by Generation Z in China,” Hong said.

“Chinese youth appreciate the attitude of being real and free in life, which perfectly matches the style of American campus clothing such as loose jackets and jeans,” said Liao Shaoping, CEO of JKCY, a brand of costumes, adding that the designs resemble Chinese landscape paintings. on American style baseball jackets are very popular in China.

As Chinese hip-hop artists have appeared in talent shows in recent years, American hip-hop culture has become increasingly popular among young people in China.

“They have a global awareness and are proud of their national culture,” said Yang Jianfei, director of the Department of Cultural Industries Management at China University of Communication. “Young Chinese people feel comfortable expressing themselves with rap songs. Many Chinese universities and schools have also adapted Chinese cultural stories into hip hop lyrics to gain the appreciation of Generation Z.”

Yang added that Generation Z in China has shown openness and inclusion towards American pop culture, and also expressed interest in exploring domestic Chinese brands, which have exerted a powerful influence on the design of Chinese fashion.

Gen Z consumers, who were born and raised in the days of China’s rapid economic growth, take pride in Chinese tradition and identity and are open to Western cultures at the same time, Zhang said. Qing, founder of Key Solution, a Beijing-based consulting firm.

“Confident young consumers trust the quality of the product and their own feelings, instead of falling into the myth of big brands,” said Zhang.

He believes that with the continued growth of China’s economy and consumer market, the trend of Made in China fashion will gain momentum, attracting more consumers both at home and abroad.

(Source: Xinhua)


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