a record year in the luxury segment


More than 2.5 million BMW units were sold worldwide in 2021 (2,521,525 to be precise), an increase of 9.1% over the previous year. If we count only electric vehicles, this peak reaches more than 50%, reaching 103,855 units. Data from the German company also reveals that one in four vehicles produced by BMW and sold in Germany is electrified, while MINI Electric is the namesake brand’s best-selling model. With regard to our country, on the other hand, the Munich company has also maintained its position as group leader in the premium segment in 2021.

For BMW a 2021 to be framed

2021 has been a very bad year for the automotive sector, due to the lack of electronic components which has caused global production to collapse. However, BMW registered the first place in terms of deliveries worldwide, overcoming various competitors, such as Mercedes, topping the aforementioned ranking for 5 years (since 2016). Only models and not brands are included in the data for this ranking, so MINI and Rolls-Royce have been excluded for Bavarians, while Mercedes are not counted as Smart, Maybach and Daimler Trucks.

The first estimates, which will be confirmed by the end of January, show that the BMW brand alone delivers 2.2 million cars. This data is realigned with the results recorded in the ante-Covid era (2,168,516 vehicles sold in 2019), thus bringing the brand back up after the serious -7.2% in 2020. Mercedes, on the other hand, ended 2020 with a 5% deficit compared to the previous twelve months and sales stabilized at 2.05 million cars. As a consequence of this decline, for the Daimler Group, production capacity fell by more than 25% due to the shortage of production materials in the last three months of the year.

BMW and Mercedes go electric

The two car manufacturers analyzed have decided to invest their resources in much more profitable sectors in order to face the critical problems of raw material supply. There is therefore a notable increase in sales of Mercedes electric cars, both in plug-in and battery versions, which measure an increase of 69% and a record 227,458 units at the end of 2021. the electric EQs, 48,396 units are sold, including 16,370 orders for the EQS luxury sedan. BMW announced the 1,000,000th electrified car in December.

Moreover, from the available data, a sharp drop in sales of Mercedes for more than 11% in the European space, while inside the German borders this depression reaches 25%. In Asia, the drop was 1.6% (in China, it reached -2%), while the North American market rose by 0.4%, including the United States. The composition of BMW’s market is not yet known, as the data has not yet been disclosed.

In 2021, BMW sold 2.5 million units

What will be the trend of 2022? We don’t know yet, but based on the data, the new year that has just begun is shaping up to be crackling. Rising inflation (and prices) across the West may slow the buying of so-called “standard” cars, but research into new zero-emission engines like the electric will almost certainly lead to additional information. or an increase in sales, especially in the Premium sector, where BMW and Mercedes achieve a large part of their turnover


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